‘There is simply no other organisation that offers what scouting does!’

Well here it is, the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. 30,000 scouts are heading to Japan to start a once in a lifetime adventure. With 9 different UK airports sending off 4,000 scouts, we were on hand to get everyone’s reaction as they start their biggest social event to date!

The 24th July saw the first set of units depart from the UK. Within all of the excitement we managed to get a few quick interviews. One of them with our Deputy UK Youth Commissioner, Jay Thompson. He spoke to us about his views on the experience he was about to embark on. ‘Meeting all the other scouts from around the world will be amazing, as there will be such an amazing mix of diversity in many ways.’ He carried on to say  ‘The whole event is about the unity of peace. The volunteering in Scouts is great and for me, this is one of the pinnacles of opportunities to go to the World Scout Jamboree, where adult volunteers get as much as our young members through our involvement in Scouting.’ Jay has headed over to Japan to be part of the IST team, this consists of 6,000 volunteers whose main job is to make sure the Jamboree happens. ‘There is simply no other organisation that offers what scouting does!’


Here is a few of our IST team members who have gone out to Japan, They all have a story to tell and want to make an impact in others lives. We hope you all have an amazing time!