Hard work pays off….

These past couple of days have been the start of a hectic couple of weeks at the Media Centre in Gilwell Park. We have been looking through all the stories of peoples adventures and aiming to get them out to all the local press. It has been tough but its very rewarding when we see the results. The green dots represent where we have managed to reach different media outlets for that area. Pretty impressive for 3 days work!


Whilst we have been working through the photos, we have managed to pick up some lovely quotes and stories from the UK Contingency. Some of our favourite are:

  • ‘People ask me why I volunteer as a leader, I am 10,000km from home but I am surrounded by friends.’
  • ‘Adults at the Jamboree are using 3 million hours of holiday time to be here for scouts from around the world.’
  • Someone speaking about the Opening Ceremony. ‘This is what the real world should be like.’

Also away from the Jamboree just to keep you updated, one of our team members Kate received her certificate today from a Health and Safety course she attended. WOOHOO well done Kate!!

Kate and her award

Also some of our team enjoyed a lunchtime stroll and took a quick selfie… that’s the law right?

Team Selfie


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