What a successful morning for us here at #commscamp!

After a hard days work yesterday, we were greeted this morning with articles published in Bristol, Barnet and Essex!

Well done to our media team and especially Becky with these articles!


There is no rest for us though and we are back to it today working on the exiting stories that have been coming in over night. The scouts are starting to arrive at the Jamboree campsite and we were lucky enough to get a guided tour by Andrew Thorp!

Skype Call

We first of all got shown around the Media Centre at the Jamboree and got to meet everyone who we are working alongside. During our Skype call we got to see some scouts from Cambridge making their way onto the sub-camps. As Andrew showed us round, we got to see units from America, Italy, Australia and even got a song by scouts from Nigeria!

We could see in the background that they were getting everything prepared for the opening ceremony which takes place on Wednesday! We will be here to report on the ceremony and get as many pictures and videos as we can, so make sure you send us any clips you have.




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