Hard work pays off….

These past couple of days have been the start of a hectic couple of weeks at the Media Centre in Gilwell Park. We have been looking through all the stories of peoples adventures and aiming to get them out to all the local press. It has been tough but its very rewarding when we see the results. The green dots represent where we have managed to reach different media outlets for that area. Pretty impressive for 3 days work!


Whilst we have been working through the photos, we have managed to pick up some lovely quotes and stories from the UK Contingency. Some of our favourite are:

  • ‘People ask me why I volunteer as a leader, I am 10,000km from home but I am surrounded by friends.’
  • ‘Adults at the Jamboree are using 3 million hours of holiday time to be here for scouts from around the world.’
  • Someone speaking about the Opening Ceremony. ‘This is what the real world should be like.’

Also away from the Jamboree just to keep you updated, one of our team members Kate received her certificate today from a Health and Safety course she attended. WOOHOO well done Kate!!

Kate and her award

Also some of our team enjoyed a lunchtime stroll and took a quick selfie… that’s the law right?

Team Selfie


We now declare the Jamboree OPEN!

What an amazing event the Opening Ceremony looked, and we were just sat in an office! If you didn’t get to see it then just imagine a sea of scouts that were cheering, waving flags and dancing around!

We managed to catch up on the interview with Isobel and Hannah Kentish our UK Youth Commissioner. Isobel was lucky enough to represent  the United Kingdom during the the flags ceremony! She said ‘It was incredible and hearing all the cheers was unbelievable.’

Embedded image permalink

Speaking to our Deputy Youth Commissioner Jay Thompson, after the opening ceremony ‘I was blown away by the opening ceremony. Such an amazing spirit of unity! 34,000 from 150 countries!

Here are a few of our favourite images from the opening ceremony! Thanks to everyone who keeps us updated with everything from Japan.

opening 1          CLE1Q3lUkAAI4lW[1]                                                      Somerset

A few facts whilst waiting for the Opening Ceremony…

The opening ceremony is just hours away and we are all SO excited! Here are a few facts just to make you a bit more excited and help you realise how BIG the Jamboree actually is:

  • Adults at the Jamboree are using 3 million hours of holiday time to be here for scouts from around the world.
  • The total money raised to attend the World Scout Jamboree- More than £14 million
  • The number of hours spent fundraising- 2.3 million
  • 48,000 days of pre event training undertaken by the UK contingent

These numbers are AMAZING and we honestly can’t thank all of our Adult Volunteers for giving our scouts the adventure of a life time!

If you want to watch the event then click this link


Now bring on the opening ceremony! ENJOY

All UK Scouts have ARRIVED!!

Its official…

We are all onsite let the party start!

This means that we declare the WSJ officially open!! YAAAAAY! The opening ceremony starts tomorrow so this gives us a good enough excuse to look back at past ceremonies and look at all the highlights:

Sweden 2011

The opening ceremony took place on 27 July 2011. It included the history of Sweden, with music including the jamboree song “Changing the world” performed by Daniel Lemma and Pär Klang. Also included was a procession of flags (one from each country) and the official handover from Great Britain to Sweden, which involved Bear Grylls abseiling down from the roof of the stage!


England 2007

The event was held for 12 days between 27 July and 8 August, in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex. This site was selected because of the easy access to air and sea transport, and it is also near Gilwell Park, an important campsite and training centre for Scout Leaders. The event was the second largest ever Jamboree held with 38,074 participants and IST attending, but with more countries than ever before, and more than 42,000 day visitors. The 3rd ‘Coming of Age’ Jamboree in 1929 was the largest held, with 50,000 participants.

Thailand 2003

The 20th World Scout Jamboree took place in the naval base in Sattahip, Thailand between 28 December 2002 and 8 January 2003 – the 62nd anniversary of the death of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement.The theme of the 20th World Scout Jamboree was ‘Share our World, Share our Culture’

Hope this has got you a tad more excited for tomorrow’s opening ceremony! We are going to be posting as much as we can about the events of the opening ceremony.

So keep a look out!

What a successful morning for us here at #commscamp!

After a hard days work yesterday, we were greeted this morning with articles published in Bristol, Barnet and Essex!

Well done to our media team and especially Becky with these articles!


There is no rest for us though and we are back to it today working on the exiting stories that have been coming in over night. The scouts are starting to arrive at the Jamboree campsite and we were lucky enough to get a guided tour by Andrew Thorp!

Skype Call

We first of all got shown around the Media Centre at the Jamboree and got to meet everyone who we are working alongside. During our Skype call we got to see some scouts from Cambridge making their way onto the sub-camps. As Andrew showed us round, we got to see units from America, Italy, Australia and even got a song by scouts from Nigeria!

We could see in the background that they were getting everything prepared for the opening ceremony which takes place on Wednesday! We will be here to report on the ceremony and get as many pictures and videos as we can, so make sure you send us any clips you have.



Contact us!!

If you have any stories to tell us whilst you are in Japan or even in the UK there are many different ways you can contact us!

Upload your stories/quotes/videos/pictures to stories.scouts.org.uk

You can tweet us by using the hashtag #commscamp

or Send us an email to Jamboree.media@scouts.org.uk

We look forward to hearing all your stories!